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Spartan Leather Works is unique to the tools and hardware industries as well as to the building and construction sectors not only because of the specialised products dedicated to industry use but also because the company is the manufacturer of these quality goods.

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Using the most skilled craftsman, superior designed products and the highest quality materials from around the world, Spartan Leather Works Australia is able to manufacture the largest range and highest quality tool belts, pouches and frogs to complement the work habits of the modern tradesman.

With every product designed for a specific purpose, the Spartan range of tools belts, frogs and pouches allows for a customised work system best suited to your work habits.

Our customers have come to recognise the Spartan range as the worlds largest range and highest quality tools belts, pouches and frogs.

Your satisfaction is our mission


Every product designed and made by Spartan Leather Works is done so with the intention of it being the best quality possible whilst also being the most practical solution. Spartan Leather Works carry an extensive range specialising and dedicated to professional tradies and their equipment storage needs.

All Spartan Leather Works products proudly display the Australian Made logo, a symbol representing genuine Australian products. This symbol is locally and internationally recognised and represents confidence, quality and authenticity.